I’ve had the good fortune to work with many clients, both private and corporate to create unique pieces of art. The wonderful aspect of undertaking a commission for a family or individual is the opportunity to connect and learn their stories and history. These paintings become a type of portrait and an immediate legacy to hand through generations. When working with corporate clients you must understand their business and goals, and how best to present the company. It is very satisfying work.

Private Commissions:

“The Special Day” (52″ x 39″) celebrates a couple’s life and the special joy of their daughter’s birth. The christening gown for little Rose was handmade by grandmother. Objects on the table are special occasion gifts and family heirlooms. The view is a New York City street where the husband lived during his dental internship.

“Augusta, 15th Hole” was a retirement gift. The painting is a true portrait of a successful businessman and community leader. Many aspects of his rich personal life are depicted: His love of wife and family, of American history (the desk is Lincoln’s own at the Illinois State Legislature), wines, music and golf (a memorable hole at Augusta can be seen out the window.).

“Dreaming of Tuscany” (50″ x 26″) was challenging since the painting had to fit in a specific space between two doorways. The result is a dramatic focal point for the room. Objects in the painting were family pieces in some cases dating back to the 1700″s. A portrait of the client’s young son can be seen, and the fondly remembered family home is tucked into the background.

“Family Treasures” (40″ x 50″) is another very personal painting. Objects from both sides of the couple’s family are incorporated into the picture including a delightful porcelain container the wife received from her future mother-in-law. The painting on the wall is family land dating back before the civil war.

Corporate Commissions:

“Birmingham Skyline” (40″ x 60″) was contracted to play a key role in the complete renovation of a Birmingham, Alabama law firm and now greets clients in the firm’s reception area. The objectives were to present the law firm as modern, part of a thriving forward looking city, yet very much grounded in time honored traditions of client service and hard work. It was great fun to assemble and build so many elements into a strong painting that engaged the viewer.

“Before the Bell” 1 and 2, and “After Hours” 1 and 2, ( each 16 “ x 24″) was the theme around which these four images and eight others were created. They were placed in private client sitting rooms of a financial management company with offices around the country.

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